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Process Improvement Coordinator


Process Improvement Coordinator

You will be based in our office in Vilvoorde.

The internal officer organizes the evaluations of the operational services & assures the follow up with an action-growth plan.
These evaluations are used to make sure that every service we offer reaches the high standards that ISS has & to make sure that our clients get the best service possible. Always in line with the expectations & made appointments in the professional partnership with ISS.
The Process Review Officer will have a huge role in improving the services we offer, taking the client satisfaction to new heights & to make sure that ISS reaches his goals in terms of quality & market leader expectations.


Your role contains 2 different approaches. Talking about variety!
1. Data collecting

- Proces Audit (human insights, technology, administrative, …)
- Direct communication with colleagues & managers – This should come natural when you’re assertive & proactive. We have some great coffee & fresh water to accompany you doing so.
- Analyzing quality measurements.
- Analyzing the needs of our clients and compare them with the provided services on-site. Nothing but the best for our clients!
2. Data processing

- Presentation of the results you collected & processed. Make it convincing & energetic, nobody loves a dull presentation.
- Communication in group & validation of an action plan. Thanks to our growing business, market leading position & international character you can go a lot of different paths at ISS, we know. But for this, make sure that everybody is on the same page & taking the same route.
- Find & present new ways of working for each department. At ISS we love improvement & efficiency growth. Take the lead!
- Plan & follow CIP (Continuous Improvement Proposition)
- Reporting is an important step in the process. Keep your co-workers in the loop.


• We are looking for someone with at least three years of experience in audit, quality control & process optimization. So a certain maturity is required.
• Communication is key here at ISS. So being able to communicate on different levels is important, but being a good listener is even better.
• Trustworthy – with your excellent communication skills and charismatic approach, you make sure that the different departments at ISS believe in your skills and give you the insights you need.
• Assertive, yes of course! Stand by your ideas, pitch it, sell it & dare to say no at the right time. On top of that, a smile is most welcome in every situation.
• Parlez-vous francais? Kan u luisteren in het Nederlands? Can you persuade in English? Perfect! Knowledge of the three languages above is required.
• Do you love to analyze data, summarize new insights & search for the most effective path to growth & improvement? Good, then you are reading the right vacancy.
• We love initiative at ISS, along with a splendid timing, structure & organization.
• And last but not least, we use Excel & Powerpoint quite a lot at ISS. That means you too.

Ons aanbod

We offer a permanent contract at ISS, market leader in Facility Services.
You will become part of a professional and ambitious team, and will be able to grow both professionally and personally.
You will receive an excellent salary with fringe benefits according to your experience




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